Best content writer in Bangladesh

This is Shazzad Hossain Shimul, a proficient content writer and copywriter who Teaches English and ESL in Bangladesh. I compose niche-specific, SEO-friendly content for niche-specific websites and blogs.

In order to be able to produce such authentic material, I enrolled in classes offered by LEDP, which are run by the Bangladeshi government and taught by the most qualified instructors. As a result of the fact that I have provided my service to more than one hundred clients to their satisfaction and listened to the useful feedback that my customers have provided, I am now considered to be one of the best writers in Bangladesh.
An Optimized Website is essential for online sales, and its real and niche-based content is its beating heart. The information and copy I produce are not only authentic but also optimized for search engines. Although there are many authors out there, my work stands out because of my extensive expertise in keyword research.
I manually verify the term’s search traffic, keyword density, keyword difficulty, DA, PA for each keyword, and more keywords.
My accomplishments demonstrate my superior writing abilities. I’ve written over 300 articles for various websites and blogs for hundreds of customers.
I’ve produced articles on more than 80 different countries from all continents, which is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself. It required extensive study on the people, cuisine, education, and economies of the relevant nations, which is a significant advantage that no other authors in Bangladesh have.
I have undergone advanced instruction from various foreign mentors, as well as courses and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, in order to produce such material in an effective manner. I always do extensive research before writing on any subject in order to outperform other websites. The results have been mind-blowing, as the majority of my customers are pleased with the job that I have done for them, and their companies are thriving as a result.
A few of my accomplishments include:
  • Professional content writing for more than 100 clients.
  • Content writing has been my job for three years.
  • The Government of Bangladesh has given me an award because of how well I’ve done as a writer.
  • Writing in-depth essays about at least 80 different countries (their inhabitants, government, culture, economy, history, etc.)
  • Specializing in mentoring a small group of freelancers who have found success as content writers.

My motto has always been “client pleasure.” The best technique to influence your business in today’s highly digitalized environment is through Digital Marketing. We will work to deliver the greatest outcomes and specially crafted solutions for you, including myself and my team of knowledgeable SEO specialists. Know that I can help your company, no matter what kind it is, grow and achieve its objectives.

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